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I have Built approximately 130 Small Pipe Organs since the year 2000 !!*****************************************************



 I sell Direct action Pallet Magnets and the Felt & Leather pallets, Please see my page **************** PALLET MAGNETS.

S.D.MidiPlayers Now REDUCED TO £99.99 !! 

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Just e-mail me if you want one. 



I Started building "Small Pipe Organs" in the year 2000, and have built about 130 completed Organs.I probably have a couple on e-Bay right now !!

Or I can build a small pipe organ to your Specs, I use either 1 or 2 Ranks of pipes, but can make it to your Liking. 

These have been sold WORLDWIDE.

This website give allsorts of information, and obviously shows what I Sell.

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To Hear or download my Organs Playing.


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Let me Know what you think of them ?? 

I built this 49 note Midi controlled organ in 2007


This 3 Rank Small Organ "BELOW" is Now SOLD. £1995.00

It was built by "Henry Groves" Pipe Organs.

I fitted an S.D. Midi Player to it.

It plays from the Keyboard Or the Midi Player.

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To Hear " Jesu Joy of Mans desiring " 




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